8 Brilliant Edinburgh Burgers

The burger wars in Edinburgh have never reached the fever pitch of Glasgow, but there it’s still the source of many a good pub and online conversation. Here we present 8 places that are rarely part of the core argument, but deliver consistently high quality items.


With burgers made on site using beef from Michael Malone’s, and outstanding vegan and veggie burgers, BBL (Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch) is a gem of a place on the Pleasance. With an appreciative audience of Fringe performers during August, their year round burger quality is second to none.
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Broughton Deli
The Broughton Deli is probably better known for fresh salads and flavour-packed brunches, but their burgers, often featuring local producers like Grierson, are outstanding. In tranquil surroundings that are often packed to the gunwales at weekends, the little café oasis is one where you can sample delicious burger glory in wonderfully understated surroundings.
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The famous Broughton Street butcher Crombie has a slightly less well-known hot food counter, which offers competitively priced and high quality offerings, including excellent burgers, throughout the week. Made on the premises the burgers are an absolute treat which you should sample soon and often.
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A great place to know about for late night snackage, Greenmantle serve their fantastic Puddledub buffalo burgers until midnight. With a great menu of tempting combos and regularly changing specials, the is one burger purveyor that you should add to your list for a visit.
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A great bastion of Leith pub food goodness, Nobles does quality brunches and excellent burgers from their signature Constitution Street premises. Their regularly changing menu always keeps things interesting with a solid commitment to showcasing local produce.
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The Square
The Square has two branches: one just off St Andrew Square, which does a fine line in catering for the lunchtime needs of many of the local offices; and one on Dublin Street, which showcases an excellent and very reasonably priced array of burgers. Presented in a no-nonsense fashion, they’re flavour-packed and really satisfying. Make sure to pay them a visit, soon.
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Twenty Princes Street
With the joys of a Josper grill backing their meaty selection, the burgers at Twenty Princes Street are consistently delivered to a really high level. With views across the city centre, their smart hotel premises give things a touch of class, so this is perhaps the most stylish place to chow-down on a burger in the city.
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Whistle Stop Barber Shop
A newcomer to the burger block, quirky cocktail bar the Whistle Stop Barber Shop has breezed into town with an impressive menu of burgers and other American diner staples. So, next time you fancy a Martini with your burger, this is the place to come.
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