6 Great Edinburgh Food & Drink Beards

box beardEveryone loves a good beard, from Peggy Hughes to Victoria Coren. Here are some of the finest available in the Edinburgh food and drinks trade.

Craft Beerds have been a staple of the real ale world since time began. Taking things to the next step by adding a trucker cap, the St Vincent’s Bar’s Chris has a look that’s part beer aficionado, part cheery man of the woods.
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Blogger Beard
Champion Blog Bearder is Gary from Edin Blogger, who has an unrivalled face hedge amongst the food writing community. It’s a key component of the blog’s branding, which can even be seen adorning bottles of beer brewed in Stewart Brewing’s Craft Beer Kitchen.
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Cocktail Beard
There are many fine purveyors of the facial hair arts in the world of cocktails, but the daddy beard makes his home at the daddy bar, Bramble. Manager Sam has a gloriously extensive chin tapestry that is an absolute joy to behold, from any angle.
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Coffee Beard
I could perhaps have gone for Mr Eion (who would definitely win the coffee moustache contest), the Bearded Barista or Lucasz from Artisan Roast, but my favourite coffee beard make its home on the face of Sandro from Castello Coffee. A fine purveyor of Allpress espresso, Sandro’s luxuriant facial furniture is a constant source of hirsute inspiration.
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Soup Beard
Lord of the Soup Beard is Bruce from Union of Genius. One of the more closely groomed beards in this collection, it plays a key role in aiding soup contemplation, and played a very prominent part in Union’s two successful Kickstarter campaigns.
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Street Food Beard
Toby from Jones & Son, the pulled pork and burger guys, is a great beard sporter. Perfectly judged to deliver extra facial warmth on the cold winter trading days, it’s a street food beard to aspire to.
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