8 Great Pizzas in Edinburgh

This is always a hotly contested list and ours comprises pizzas in many different styles, but we enjoyed all of these in one way or another.20141222_200957-300x169

Civerino’s – Meatball and porcini ragu
Now established as part of the friendly family fabric of Edinburgh Italian eateries, Civerino’s is a great place for a quick or slow pizza stop. You can munch by the slice on the go, or stay and take down one on their excellent topping combos.
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Dough – Quattro Formaggi
Seeking to bring a real game-changing approach to takeaway pizza, Dough’s massive wood-fired oven is an awesome sight to behold. Their pizzas are top notch with their four cheese a particular favourite.
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La Favorita – Montanara
The classic Edinburgh pizza place, La Fav has probably been surpassed for pizza excellence just of late, and they seem to draw an inordinate amount of flak for the dubious quality of their delivery service, but they were the trailblazers in bringing really top notch pizza to Edinburgh, so we should be thankful for their excellent work.
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Moratti – Moratti
Home of some late-night pizza excellence, Moratti’s baked egg, chicken and spinach pizza is an absolute beauty. If you’re feeling in charge of your faculties, risk the soft-baked yolk but only if you have a bib to hand as it could go anywhere.
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Origano – Spinacio
Current pizza champs of the city, Origano’s move to larger premises has illustrated their level of popularity, as they’ve been every bit as busy as they were in their previous place, which was a third of the size. Their pizza, in sizes 11ā€, 14ā€ and 16″, is just spectacular so you must visit soon.
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Peter’s Yard – Vegetarian
With the finest sourdough bases from their baking magicians, Peter’s Yard and Soderberg offer a limited range of toppings, but focus on making them absolutely outstanding. With pizza hubs in both the Old Town and Stockbridge, these are places you want to check out.
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Pizza Mafia – Ham & Mushroom
Some really good pizza is served in the drab location of Princes Mall by the folks at Pizza Mafia. If it was in a different location, I’m convinced this would be one of the more popular pizza slice joints in the city.
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Three Coins – Meat Feast
Nowhere could look a less likely home to pizza excellence than Three Coins. I’m not sure about the rest of their menu, but their pizzas, cooked in no time due to their super-thin bases, are absolutely remarkable.
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