The 7 Best Things About Hipsters

Ah, the Hipster. That great modern invention. How can you not love them when they provide us with all of the following…

box beard

They have good coffee
The hipster likes good coffee and seeks it out like a bloodhound. This means good coffee is more of a thing, now. Which is good. It also keeps other hipsters in gainful employment.

They keep themselves to themselves
Once they’ve found a place they like, that’s the place they’ll go until the avocados have run out.

They dress smart like
It’s always good to see young types wearing braces and well-crafted shirts.

They like collecting total shit, like pinecones and tiny barrels
Which means the world is generally tidier for the rest of us.

They’re good for the economy
Hipsters are very clean so have given rise to such otherwise unneeded items like beard oil and lavender-scented moustache wax.

They’re spartan in their food tastes
Hipsters can largely survive on ingredients foraged from the land, like wild garlic and wood sorrel, so are good for sustainability.

You can always hear them coming
Their portable sea shell collection makes a distinctive rattle, so you can hear their arrival and take the necessary precautions.

7 Fantastic BYOB Options in Edinburgh

Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) represents a good way to minimise drink costs when visiting restaurants. Quite a good number of places in Edinburgh offer it, with some charging a small fee per bottle or person, but many choosing not to charge at all. Here are some places worth considering.


B&D’s Kitchen
In a city where Chinese food is not one of our strengths, B&D’s Kitchen provides a welcome, fresh take on this much loved cuisine. Their hakka beef is outstanding, and all dishes are produced with considerable care and attention. The restaurant is very small, so booking is advised. You have Appellation Wines just down the road and a local Co-Op store, both of which can ably supply the required bottles.
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Beirut is a very good quality middle eastern restaurant on Nicolson Square where you can add to the delights with a wine or beer of your choice. Their leg of lamb is delicious and excellent value. Given its proximity to the university, there are no shortage of local bottle shops for you to pick up the essentials.
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Kampong Ah Lee
Malaysian food often need a little liquid accompaniment, not least to cool the spices of their flavour-packed dishes. The canteen style of Kampong Ah Lee on Clerk Street is a very good informal location to sample classic dishes from the cuisine in relaxed surroundings.
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Turkish restaurant Pera, on Elm Row, does a good array of classic dishes from Turkey, with a particularly good sweet counter. The value on offer, augmented by the BYOB approach, is impressive.
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Another Turkish favourite, Rodi is all about the meat. On Morrison Street, it has grown an appreciative audience for its generous portion and really tasty dishes.
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A warmly welcoming and reliably good Chinese, Shangrila offers both a drinks list and BYO option. The nearby Beerhive offers an excellent range of beers and wines for you to accompany things with, so is well worth checking out.

The south Indian delights of Tanjore represent some of the finest Indian cuisine you can find in the city. Their lunchtime “build your own thali” is well worth checking out, as are their dosai. And you can take along your own booze, with free corkage to boot.

4 African Culinary Delights in Edinburgh

A growing group of rather lovely African restaurants and eateries have grown up around Edinburgh in recent years. Here is just a small sample of the greatness on offer.


Jambo Grill
With east African delights ranging from goat curry to zebra steaks, Jambo Grill started life in Falkirk before transferring to Edinburgh earlier in 2015. In a slightly tricky location on Gilmore Place, it will hopefully find an appreciative audience, not least because their name has good potential pun crossover with the local football team.
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Khartoum Cafe
The kings of Edinburgh wraps, Khartoum Café is a Tollcross stalwart. A friendly welcome always awaits in this smart little café. Why not try their cardamom-infused Sudanese coffee, next time you stop in for a visit.
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Knight’s Kitchen
Having started life as a popular street food stall at markets such as the Saturday Grassmarket (where they still regularly trade) and the Tram Stop market, Knight’s Kitchen opened permanent premises on Nicolson Street in August 2015. Serving a diverse menu of south and east African delights, it’s a place you should make sure to visit.
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Mam Kangu’s Delicacy
The Gambian and west African dishes on offer at the gloriously named Mam Kangu’s Delicacy represent some of the best value food in the city. Where else can you get lobster balls for £3.99, or a super-tasty, filling two course meal for under a tenner? What’s more, you can sample their treats via a Deliveroo delivery.
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